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Subliminal to Tune Up Your Brain and Nervous System

Subliminal to Tune Up Your Brain and Nervous System

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This approximately 50-minute MP3 contains meditation music over a powerful subatomic particle activation process followed by an invocation for your highest good and an array of high-frequency affirmative statements to tune up your brain and nervous system for optimal function. You will have changed your brain and changed your life. It is designed to be listened to in the background of your daily life to deeply program you with empowering affirmations to upgrade your frequency to create your desires. 

Light and electricity move through your brain and nervous system all of the time. Take the reins and charge it with the flavor of perfect health. Program yourself to assimilate nutrients in a way that enables your nervous system and brain to work optimally. Think clearly and make new dendritic connections in your brain. Increase neuroplasticity which creates an even higher level of intelligence. Supercharge your creativity and imagination and raise your IQ.


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