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Kidney Health - The Palace of Fire and Water Atomic Healing Audio Bundle

Kidney Health - The Palace of Fire and Water Atomic Healing Audio Bundle

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This is a two part bundle and it has high frequency healing music created by SINES Music and Greg Papania also known as Echoes of Starlight and Altered Perspectives on Spotify.

 Part one is an informational introduction that familiarizes you with the benefits of fostering health in the kidney meridians from a Taoist perspective. You do not need to know all of the acupuncture points to create a vibrant kidney channel. Kidney energy fuels overall vitality, health of the reproductive organs, ears, feet, knees, teeth, and more! People who are looking for additional and alternative perspectives on things like tinnitus, infertility, foot pain, foot cramping, earaches, and teeth and dental issues may like this audio. 

Part two is a deep meditative, healing journey into the kidneys which are called the palace of fire and water in traditional chinese medicine (TCM).


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